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Multicultural Tech Recruitment Innovators

We’ll recruit, train, and co-manage anywhere from 3 to 30+ commission-based sales reps for your business, allowing you to concentrate on your core operations. Eliminate the hassle of sifting through unqualified candidates and say goodbye to time wasted on those who lack closing skills. We streamline the recruitment of high-quality international remote sales professionals, ensuring CEOs and sales directors can build a high-quality, culturally diverse, and efficient workforce.

Quantifiable Multilingual Sales Intelligence

Our sales HR ecosystem revolutionizes the way companies approach global contractor recruitment and management, integrating intelligent filtering techniques with a seamless onboarding and management process. By leveraging adaptive questioning algorithms and data-driven analysis, we ensure that only the most suitable candidates are chosen, followed by an efficient system for managing their performance and growth within the organization.

Global Campaign Management

Expertly crafted job campaigns that resonate internationally, ensuring a diverse and skilled applicant pool.

Candidate Profiling

Advanced physiological and cognitive analysis tools to identify candidates who best fit your organizational culture and job requirements.

In-Depth Interview Assessments

Comprehensive IQ and sales tests conducted pre and post-interview, offering deep insights into candidates' potential.

Multilingual Interviews

Conduct seamless, language-specific interviews complemented by thorough background checks, ensuring global compatibility and trust.

Sales Training Automation

Customized e-learning modules to help your sales team grow, tailored to your organization's needs for rapid and effective upskilling.

Contract Creation

Simplified, legally-compliant contract creation in multiple languages, facilitating clear communication and adherence to regional norms.

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Bridging Companies with Global Talent

Our process uniquely blends advanced psychological analysis, cultural insights, and cutting-edge technology to streamline the recruitment of sales professionals. We meticulously filter and select candidates who not only exhibit exceptional sales potential but also align with the cultural and psychological ethos of your company. Once onboard, our innovative e-learning platforms offer customized training, ensuring these salespeople are equipped with the skills and knowledge tailored to your specific corporate objectives and market demands.